Our team aims to educate, activate and motivate you to achieve your fitness goals

Club Manager – Mark Leonard

Level 3 Personal Trainer
Certificate in Sports Nutrition
Certificate in Spinning
Certificate in Gym Based Boxing
Certificate in Kettlebells
Certificate in Circuit Training
Certificate in TRX Suspension Training

I have participated in a wide range of Sports since childhood. Playing Rugby League I have needed to have a high level of fitness and help develop this through a wide range of cardiovascular, strength and endurance training.

Using my love for health and fitness I have gone into teaching. As a Personal Trainer I have worked with individuals and groups of people to help them with their fitness and nutrition goals. I have trained novices wanting to lose weight, tone up and improve their fitness. As well as working with more experienced athletes to help them maintain a high level of fitness and improve strength.

I have taught group classes ranging from step classes, circuit training, kettlebells, boot camps and spinning classes. All of which I try to engage the class in a fun and engaging manner whilst motivating them through a tough and intense workout.

I look forward to helping more people in the gym achieve their exercise and nutritional goals. So get along to the gym, get involved in some classes or contact me for individual Personal Training.

Personal Trainer & Studio Instructor – Nicky Moore

Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Certificate in Sports Nutrition
Certificate in Group Cycling
First Aid At Work

I have been into fitness for many years and have met some fantastic people along the way. I am now qualified and have enjoyed my journey immensely.

I’m a Personal Trainer that likes to train hard. I have recently completed the Ironman 2018 in Bolton where it pushed me outside my comfort zone. I am person who likes to push boundaries. I believe anyone is capable of achieving their goal but they have to believe in themselves.

I love motivating clients to work as hard as they can, in turn this motivates me.

I try and make my classes as hard but as fun as possible.

Fitness Instructor – Jo Leahey

Sports and Exercise Science Degree
Pool Plant Operators Level 4
First Aid At Work
Counselling Skills Level 3
ASA Swimming Teachers
NPLQ Lifeguard

I have been in the leisure industry for 17 years now and thoroughly enjoy working with members to reach their personal goals and achieve new targets.

After graduating in Sports and Exercise Science and qualified up to Level 3 of Counselling qualifications I feel I am an all rounder being able to give advice on exercise routines, recommend the best equipment to members but to also speak to people as a friend when needed.

Being an exercise addict myself I regularly take part in half marathons and I am currently training for Tough Mudder in September for a completely different challenge.

Fitness Instructor – Tom Lamkin

BSc Hons in Sport and Exercise Science
Level 3 In Personal Training
Level 2 In Exercise and Fitness Instruction
Certificate in Instructing Circuits
Certificate in Les Mills Body Pump
Certificate in Indoor Cycling

Having worked in the fitness industry in numerous gyms and fitness settings for 10 years I have attained the experience and qualifications necessary to help you achieve amy goal.  I have consistently researched everything fitness related including new training trends and diets and believe me I’ve tried and tested them all! From Olympic lifting and yoga to fasting and juicing. As a vegetarian myself I pride myself on achieving results based on a meat free diet and have attained the necessary knowledge to get enough of the macro and micro nutrients needed to help sustain my extremely active lifestyle. I can therefore create nutritional programmes based on a range of individual lifestyles and goals. Ask me about my dissertation at University which involved drinking beetroot juice to improve exercise performance, suffice to say, it works!

I am extremely passionate about nutrition and functional fitness. I believe that the best forms of exercise include utilising efficient compound movements to activate a greater range of muscles using one particular movement pattern. One of the benefits of functional fitness is a more stable and dynamic core (not to mention the ripped muscles when you look in the mirror). This is particularly useful for injury prevention and rehabilitation. One of my greatest passions is motivation building. Having faced peaks and troughs in my own motivation over the years, I believe I am an excellent motivator in personal training sessions as well as class instruction. Come give me a go if you haven’t already!

My hobbies include a wide spectrum of activities including rock climbing and calisthenics. I am also a practicing martial artist and grade in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as having experience Muay Thai and Boxing. I take part in Yoga and Meditation daily and this has profound effects on my general health and well-being. My goals are to become the best fitness example I can be, for myself and others. One of my main goals is to maintain great functionality and core strength to equip me with the tools available to remain as fit, strong and as injury free as I can throughout my life. I absolutely live and breathe exercise and nutrition. I am due to begin a course in holistic nutrition which involves treating diseases with nutritional therapy. Hopefully the knowledge I acquire on this course will allow me to help restrict the use of medication in place of a more natural and holistic approach for a range of ailments including cancer and depression. I ultimately want to create healthy and fit people in the most natural way possible.

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